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About the provider

Nasdaq created its board portal to be suitable for all kinds of organizations from different fields. Directors Desk is a quite versatile tool that allows users to upload corporate documents to the virtual board room, share them, and communicate with each other.

To provide customers with the fastest connection speed possible, Nasdaq hosts Directors Desk on servers located around the world. Thus, users from different countries get connected to the closest servers to experience as few delays as possible. That’s a huge advantage that guarantees everyone will use Directors Desk without any issues that could slow down processes.


Directors Desk board meeting software

Nasdaq didn’t create any unique solutions for its Directors Desk, so the software turned out to be a good yet simple virtual board room. You won’t find any extra features here, but the ones this tool offers are rather sufficient for most companies.

Of course, Directors Desk board portal allows users to upload, store, and share corporate files to simplify the preparation for an upcoming discussion. All members of the board can study the required information in a convenient and timely manner and arrive at the meeting being already aware of the current situation and issues. Another tool that will ease the preparation is the Digital Agenda. Directors can use it to gather the matters they’re going to discuss so that everyone knows what to expect from the meeting.

Like most virtual board rooms, Directors Desk offers votes and surveys for users to find out the opinions of others and decide on minor matters without any hassle. This feature will be also useful for remote directors. The latter can take part in meetings using a Remote Presenter and using eSignature to sign documents. 

Additionally, Directors Desk by Nasdaq provides users with chats, discussion threads, and other communication tools. Moreover, all minutes of meetings can be captured and stored in this board portal.

Main advantages of Directors Desk

This provider offers all the instruments directors need to improve the effectiveness of their meetings, work more productively, and collaborate conveniently. Directors Desk board portal has a straightforward interface that will be quite easy to understand even for those who’re not very savvy in technologies. Moreover, the interface looks quite the same on desktop and mobile devices. Yet, if someone does encounter problems using this software, Nasdaq offers a support team that’s available round-the-clock and can communicate with users in different languages.

It’s possible for companies to avoid any installations with Directors Desk by Nasdaq as this board portal is web-based. Although the provider offers deployment on-premise and on a private cloud if you need that. The software is available in English and the other five languages which is a bonus as well.

Another advantage of this virtual board room is its security. Nasdaq protects all servers with the most reliable encryption and offers multi-factor authentication to eliminate unauthorized use. Directors also will have control over who can access the workspace thanks to the permissions tool. And if someone gets their device lost or stolen, it’s easy to wipe all the data from it with the Remote Purge function.

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Main Features

Aftermeeting actions
Aftermeeting actions, Meeting preparation, Meeting conduction
creating minutes
Secure Messages
quick links
preview page scroll (thumbnail view)
browser app
tablet app ipad
switch between boards SSO
updates counter ('bell':number of new events)
D&O module (questionarries/polls) add-on
tablet app android
desktop app
calendar integration (outlook/native)
2 factor Authentication (2 factor: PIN code, Touch ID, SMS)
remote locking for lost device
remote purge of locally stored docs in member's device by admin


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