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iDeals Virtual Board Room provider takes the responsibility for management processes off director’s shoulders. Using iDeals, members of the board can focus on actually solving issues and implementing ideas rather than on trying to figure out the right ways to manage their teamwork. This board portal allows to prepare for meetings better, keep the team focused in decision making during the event and implement the decision in the workflow.

Using iDeals Board Room directors and executives will keep a track of current issues so they won’t get lost or forgotten. Simplifying processes this board software encourages a steady and effective workflow of the leading team. Members of the board can easily make suggestions and find consensus if they face differences in their opinions.

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The workflow in iDeals Virtual Board Room consists of 4 steps:

  • During this stage members of the board can transform issues into matters and create agendas, share them and all supporting documents using the board portal.
  • Decision making. Directors can meet online or offline and decide on matters. They can use the board software to vote electronically.
  • Minutes are generated automatically and can be assigned to owners.
  • Once tasks are created members of the board can monitor the progress and access all records.

This provider understands the importance of having an established cycle and helps implement it in every workflow of every company.

Thus, iDeals board room allows bringing even virtual board meetings to the perfection. It is easy to jumpstart processes using this solution and maintain their effectiveness with real-time reports. All records of past matters can be preserved and accessed later if needed. It helps directors to refresh their memory and make the right decisions in the future.

The benefits of iDeals software

With iDeals you can quickly upload all documents and organize them in the folder system that will be easy to work with. Dynamic updates will help to keep all directors updated on latest changes performed to documents. Once all files are uploaded it is easy to invite all directors to the board management software and share the information with them. The simplicity of all processes made this provider appear in all board meeting software reviews.

This is one of the best board portals in Canada, and there is a reason behind it. iDeals Virtual Board Room allows to conduct both online and offline meetings and broadcast them. The instant access to all information speeds up the process of decision making. Participants can vote and sign documents electronically. This software will lead to effective board meetings.

iDeals boardroom in different industries

iDeals understands that there is no one size fits all in business management. That’s why this provider offers different solutions for different industries. Used in corporations this board portal will keep directors and executives aligned to create a productive workflow. The software eases the governance automating some processes and providing users with real-time reports, reminders, and notifications.

Financial institutions will have an opportunity to simplify decision making processes with this board app. Using it directors can vote on credit resolutions, apply electronic signatures and control deals. One of the most important features of this provider is that financial institutions can preserve discussions so they are able to use them if needed.

Nonprofit organizations invite third-party individuals to board meeting quite often. To make the even efficient they should share the information with new participants in advance so members could study it before the meeting. It is extremely easy to share data with iDeals board room securely.