Board document management with a virtual boardroom

Since the most important part of board document management is to keep files safe, digital directory boards are the perfect solution. Sensitive data is protected not only on the server level but on the user level as well. The administrator of the virtual boardroom can control every aspect of the access other users have. Everything can be managed – who can see documents, who can share, edit and print them. Settings can be changed at any moment. It makes a board meeting app a perfect company communication tool that guarantees security. The administrator can also see which actions do others perform with documents.

Thus, you can work with any kind of documents using such software. Providers of boardrooms make the app compatible with most devices and types of files. So you can upload pretty much any data to the server. Therefore, businesses and organizations in various fields will benefit a lot from implementing a boardroom in their workflows.

Not only documents but discussions as well are protected if you use meeting collaboration software. If directors want to work on some issues without involving someone from the team, they can create a separate group that can’t be accessed by that individual. All chat history is also highly protected and can’t be accessed by any third parties.

Annotate documents
Create polls/votings
Manage tasks
Add suggestions to files
Discuss matter privately
Organize documents
Schedule meetings
Manage onboarding process
Improve communication

Using the corporate secretary software board members can

  • leave notes and comments to uploaded files;
  • create polls and vote;
  • create smaller groups for secure discussion of specific issues;
  • highlight important moments in documents for others;
  • create tasks;
  • organize files to make it easy for the whole board to use them during the meeting;
  • decide on the date and time of the meeting;
  • introduce new members to processes and information;
  • update all directors on changes and important moments.

One of the strongest features of the board app is that providers of such software care a lot about security. They put a lot of effort into protecting their servers where user data is stored. A highly encrypted server is unreachable for hackers. So there is no chance for malefactors to break in somehow and steal or corrupt the sensitive information of your company.

Manage workflow using meeting collaboration software

The management of the company’s information is complex. Directors have to deal with a lot of data and processes and keep track of them. Using corporate secretary software members of the board can not only organize all documents creating a convenient system of folders but also keep each other updated since the board app will send an instant notification upon the change.

Not only documents can be managed in the virtual boardrooms but processes as well. Directors can create tasks for themselves and others and control activities, keeping an eye on what’s going on. Also, records of past meetings can be stored in this software. This information can be useful in the future – say, you may want to refresh your memory before the next meeting or you want to clarify some details. Again, even those records are completely safe being stored on the virtual boardroom provider’s server.

The virtual board meeting software is a convenient and pretty much vital instrument for any modern company. It eases the management of the business significantly allowing directors to focus on actions, not on organizational moments.

Why it’s better to use meeting collaboration software

Even a monthly meeting can become a real hell for participants if they didn’t have a chance to prepare for it properly. The main thing they have to do is to study the required documents. Otherwise, a lot of time will be wasted on reading the files and explaining details during the meeting. Thus, events become too long, ineffective, and, let’s be honest, plain boring. That’s why all directors and other participants should get all the needed documents in advance. But how should a company share them in a secure way? Of course, you could just send files via email. By doing so you most definitely will complete the task “Share the documents”. But that’s it. There is no guarantee others are actually receiving files – the email can get lost among others or go to the Spam box.

Data protection

Also, it is not safe at all to share sensitive information via emails. You can not control what will be going on with documents after you hit the “Send” button. You will not know if the receiver forwarded your email to someone else. You can never be sure the receiver’s mailbox is secure – those get hacked rather easily. So this option is just as safe as handing papers so some random person on the street asking them to deliver documents to the receiver.


But let’s say, other participants of the board will never send sensitive information to someone else. And they keep an eye on the security of their emails. This option has another serious downside – it’s hard to collaborate using email. All discussions will create just a huge mess and no one will be able to follow it properly. It’s hard to refer to any document or a part of it in the email, hard to manage all conversations, and impossible to organize all this data.

Some companies simply use cloud storages to share files. Members of the board can leave comments and communicate a bit there. Of course, it will be not the best way to communicate, because comments and notes will be a bit hard to access during meetings if there is such a need. Also, so many cloud storage accounts were hacked that we can never be sure our repository is not in danger. So you can struggle with either of those options. Or you can just pick a ready to use and convenient solution – the virtual board portal. Directors can not only store all documents but also collaborate efficiently and track their progress using meeting collaboration software.