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Loomio board portal
Loomio Board Portal
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About the provider 

This provider from New Zealand began its journey in 2011 aiming to ease the decision-making process for organizations. As a result, today we get to enjoy Loomio — an open-source virtual board room that offers numerous tools to help directors collaborate and communicate. This software is not like any other board portal we’re used to. It’s more focused on providing teams with features that will let everyone express their opinions and understand each other.

With such an unusual approach, Loomio gained the trust of numerous businesses around the globe. And, perhaps, this provider will be suitable for your company as well. So let’s learn about the features and advantages of this versatile software.


Loomio board meeting software 

As we’ve already mentioned, this board portal focuses on allowing directors to share information and communicate. This makes Loomio an absolutely vital tool for remote teams that can’t gather in one room for a discussion.

Basically, Loomio board portal offers different polls and votes, and the vast variety of options is exactly what makes this software special. Using this virtual board room, directors can decide on the date and time of the upcoming meeting and share thoughts with each other through the proposal feature to express some opinions before the discussion. Thus, members of the board will have a bit more time to contemplate the solutions others are offering and come to the meeting with their supporting points or alternative ways.

Another kind of polls is the Check feature. Directors can use it to see how many executives have completed a task or joined some activity. And there are different types of votes that allow board members to make minor decisions.

All the polls, votes, and proposals can be used within discussion threads which simplifies the process significantly. With Loomio, it will be easy for remote teams to quickly decide on matters and remain aware of each other’s intentions and thoughts.


Main advantages of Loomio

This provider did a great job of creating a tool that will simplify the decision-making process. And while Loomio doesn’t look as posh as some other popular board portals, it’s a simple and efficient instrument that will help you streamline the workflow and improve communication between directors.

Since Loomio is open-source, your team will be able to tweak it to make it perfectly fit for the specific needs of directors. The opportunity to configure the board portal as you like is fairly priceless because it gives users much more freedom allowing them to get precisely the tool they want.

Yet, despite the efficiency, Loomio is quite affordable. You’ll need to spend only $30 per month on this virtual board room if your team consists of 10 members and fewer. If you need to add more users, you can buy additional slots — $3 per month for every extra person. And if your company has a particularly large board of directors, you can contact Loomio and ask specialists to create a custom pricing plan for you.

Following the goal of making this board software accessible for everyone, Loomio offers special prices and discounts for nonprofits and volunteers. Also, there is a 14-day free trial you can use to study the software from within.

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Main Features

Aftermeeting actions
Aftermeeting actions,Meeting preparation, Meeting Conduction
creating minutes
Secure Messages
quick links
preview page scroll
browser app
tablet app ipad
switch between boards SSO
updates counter
D&O module (questionarries/polls) add-on
tablet app android
desktop app
calendar integration (outlook/native)
2 factor Authentication (2 factor: PIN code, Touch ID, SMS)
remote locking for lost device
remote purge of locally stored docs in member's device by admin


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