Diligent board portal

Diligent board portal
Diligent board portal
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Willing to go an extra mile, Diligent boards offer their users something more than just a tool for document management. This provider allows controlling every small detail of the governance offering directors a wide range of tools. These instruments will help the board to get the deeper understanding of the nuances of business processes and see where the workflow can be improved. With this approach, Diligent became one of the best board portals in Canada. It is trusted by a half a million leaders of businesses.

This board portal has all features a board of the company needs. It allows reaching the highest performance and a long-term sustainable success. This board management software grows as the needs of the company increase. The solution can adjust to the certain business and provide the right instruments at the right moments to ensure the best results.

Key Features of Diligent boards management software

Diligent offers a secure and easy to use board management software that can boost the collaboration of board members and their performance. Users have a safe access to all uploaded documents. It allows to hold really effective paperless board meetings – participants can study information in advance and review it during the event using a board app on their devices. The agenda can be built within a few minutes. Just upload documents in a bulk and invite other directors. With the voting tool, teams can decide on things before the meeting or solve issues between events. All information on Diligent boards synchronizes seamlessly so users can switch from device to device easily.

There also is a secure messenger in this board portal. It allows communicating safely referring to certain documents, notes, and records. Users can create groups here to work on processes in the team. This feature provides members of the board with a secure and convenient communication channel.

With all instruments, Diligent is a full-cycle solution for board management. It allows to control all processes and improve the workflow of the leading team. Detailed reports and records help directors to take a grasp of the level of performance of the board and see where things should be improved. This board software has helped many companies to boost their results.

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Main Features

Aftermeeting actions
Aftermeeting actions,Meeting preparation, Meeting Conduction
creating minutes
Secure Messages
quick links
preview page scroll
browser app
tablet app ipad
switch between boards SSO
updates counter
branding (logo)
D&O module (questionarries/polls) add-on
tablet app android
desktop app (for admins only)
calendar integration (outlook/native)
Roles (admin and member)
2 factor Authentication (2 factor: PIN code, Touch ID, SMS)
remote locking for lost device
remote purge of locally stored docs in member's device by admin


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Diligent board portal gallery Diligent board portal gallery
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