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About Boardable

Boardable is one of the leading providers of board management software for nonprofit organizations. The focus on nonprofits and their activity has allowed Boardable to create a unique and valuable product with the most needed features that are easy to use. Agenda builder, centers for a meeting- and document management, task manager, e-signatures, virtual voting – all these tools are needed to ensure board meetings’ next-level experience.

The product is continually improving. One of the new features is meeting with video. If board meetings sometimes could be boring, even with a board software, now there is a chance to feel engaged for each meeting participant.

With more and more companies operating remotely during the pandemic, a built-in video tool is becoming vital. There is no doubt in the security of such a solution. If someone wants to attend the meeting illegally, it is not enough to enter the ID and password of a Zoom meeting. Now, users should be logged in to Boardable software.

Another useful feature is reporting. Sometimes it’s helpful to assess some metrics and find growth opportunities. Boardable’s reporting shows the data on individual, committee, or organization level. Board directors have quick and straightforward access to:

  • attendance tracking
  • task completion level
  • participation in polls
  • goal progress 
  • information about members

What can be more critical – simplification of annual reports. Board software keeps the records, and when the time has come – there is no need to waste a lot of time to keep all needed information from the past periods. 

Meeting reports give meeting-specific information and documents like agenda, minutes of the meeting, and summary.

Boardable Software Use Cases

Boardable software is used by:

  • Charities
  • Foundations
  • Healthcare
  • School boards
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Sport organizations

Above is the most typical list of nonprofit software users. But this provider doesn’t limit clients. Businesses also can find a lot of useful tools and try to improve their performance with Boardable.

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Main Features

Aftermeeting actions
Aftermeeting actions,Meeting preparation, Meeting Conduction
creating minutes
Secure Messages
quick links
preview page scroll
browser app
tablet app ipad
switch between boards SSO
updates counter
D&O module (questionarries/polls) add-on
tablet app android
desktop app
calendar integration (outlook/native)
2 factor Authentication (2 factor: PIN code, Touch ID, SMS)
remote locking for lost device
remote purge of locally stored docs in member's device by admin


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