Aprio board portal

Aprio Board Portal
Aprio board portal
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Aprio board management software allows eliminating papers and e-mail hustle from the work of the leading team. This solution is simple, efficient and trusted by a huge number of companies around the world. The friendly and helpful support team is always ready to step in. Such care helps this provider to stand out among others. You can be sure support guys will get to know every user by name.

Affordable pricing of Aprio doesn’t mean users won’t get everything they need. Every new customer gets an instant access to all features of the board portal. The flawless protection of the user data makes this solution look even more appealing for businesses. Using this software for board document management you will boost the performance of your company’s leading team significantly by improving small processes.

Key Features of Aprio board management software

With Aprio it is easy to upload all documents in just a few clicks and make effective board meetings – the Drag and Drop feature allows uploading files in a bulk. Once all the data is uploaded to the board software the administrator can invite other members of the leading team and share the information among them. With just a click of a button, the administrator can create a meeting and notify all users about it.

This solution is perfect for virtual board meetings. It allows running the event from any location so remote directors and executives can take part in it. Since all processes are happening within the virtual boardroom, all minutes, files and schedules can be tracked easily so all members of the leading team are aware of what’s going on.

Having a busy life board members can forget to keep their colleagues updated on all actions of executives and themselves. With this board management software, they can keep and share tasks, monitor the activity of others, track expenses and meeting attendance and create votings to decide on minor issues. Also, with Aprio board members can sign papers electronically.

As we said earlier, the biggest advantage of this provider is the extensive and personal support. Aprio promises that you will never be “just another client”. You can always be sure you will get help at any moment when you face and issue or have a question.

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Main Features

Aftermeeting actions
Aftermeeting actions actions/tasks
Meeting: preparation, conduction, aftermeeting actions
creating minutes
Secure Messages
quick links
preview page scroll
browser app
tablet app ipad
switch between boards SSO
updates counter
D&O module (questionarries/polls) add-on
tablet app android
desktop app
calendar integration (outlook/native)
Roles (able to create multiple roles)
2 factor Authentication
remote locking for lost device
remote purge of locally stored docs in member's device by admin


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Aprio board portal gallery
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