It doesn’t matter how well is the work of employees organized if the board of directors is ruled by chaos. The success of the company relays on how efficient the team of executives is. And if it lacks communication and structure, eventually everything will fall apart. Because when directors can’t keep track of all the processes, they can’t see the full picture. Therefore, they can’t make the right decisions and drive the business to success.

BoardMaps is the solution that will take care of the organization allowing you to focus on processes and issues. This board meeting management software provides directors with all the tools they need to maintain the workflows and make meetings as fruitful as possible. It will also help businesses to track the progress and analyze results to make better data-driven decisions in the future.

Prepare for meetings

The main reason why board meetings are not efficient is that participants are not aware of current processes. That’s why instead of planning future actions directors drown in updates. The conference takes a lot of time and doesn’t bring any significant results. 

BoardMaps allows participants to get ready for the discussion and make meetings fruitful since directors can jump straight to the planning process. This software keeps all the current issues in scope to ensure that none of the matters slips away from the attention of the board. Therefore, it’s effortless to choose which issues to discuss during the meeting and create an agenda. You can dynamically update it as needed, and invite participants to it so that they can study the information and get ready for the discussion.

You also have full control over access permissions for the agenda overall and separate items. It is a vital feature for Canada, especially. Life science organizations contribute a lot to Canada’s economy. And to improve their results, they often invite third-party individuals to board meetings. BoardMaps helps to make this process as safe as possible, making sure that invited participants won’t create a data leak.

Keep the discussion effective

Canadian businesses collaborate with other firms a lot. And, of course, partners should be present on board meetings from time to time. BoardMaps makes it possible even for remote participants to feel like they’re sitting in the same room with others. Having access to the meeting agenda and required materials, they can efficiently participate in the discussion.

Since the meeting was planned, and all members are aware of all the processes happening in the company, they can focus on decision making and planning. In BoardMaps, directors can even create drafts of decisions and vote on them to determine which of them is the best for the company. 

Track processes and monitor the progress

Directors can lay out a plan in the BoardMaps app and assign responsible members and deadlines to actions. Now everyone can see what’s going on in every department and track the workflow. Also, as the tasks are getting done, directors can see the progress and statistics. Studying them, the board will find many useful insights that will improve future decisions. © All rights reserved 2021