Board Room Providers in Canada
Rating: 5.0

BoardMaps is an award-winning provider of board management software. It helps leaders of the business focus on the issues and solve them instead of trying to understand what is going on in the company. BoardMaps will take care of the communication between directors making sure everyone understands the current situation in all departments.

To reach this goal, BoardMaps offers a 4-step routine that will help directors organize their work. This sequence of steps consists of preparation for the meeting, decision-making process, the establishment of the plan, and, finally, monitoring of results. Thus, leaders can streamline the workflow and become more efficient.

iDeals Board Room logo
Rating: 5.0

iDeals is one of the best virtual board room providers. It offers a truly versatile and flexible solution that can fit different businesses with various goals regardless of the scale. This board room has all the tools companies need to improve important internal business processes and take board meeting management to a whole new level.

iDeals board room is completely cloud-based. Therefore, there is no need to struggle with the installation. Entrepreneurs can jump straight to the setting up of the workspace and uploading the documents. All updates iDeals release are implemented automatically so that you can focus solely on your deals.

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Rating: 4.5

BoardVantage is a powerful virtual board management solution that will improve the work of executives and communication between them. This provider is trusted by many companies and offers a flexible and extremely easy to use board app. BoardVantage creates a safe and convenient space for directors to get ready for meetings, work on minor issues, and track the performance of the company.

This software has a very intuitive interface that is effortless to work with even for not that tech-savvy users. BoardVantage is accessible from any device and location, which makes it possible to cooperate even if some directors are away.

Diligent logo clear
Rating: 4.0

Diligent is a highly secure and extremely easy to use board management tool. It provides directors with a convenient and, most importantly, safe environment where they can keep and exchange files, interact with each other, resolve minor issues, get ready for meetings, and keep an eye on the processes in the company. Diligent creates a steady workflow and improves communication with the help of built-in messenger. Also, directors can interact using notes to documents. But the brightest advantage of Diligent is detailed and informative reports that can help directors to improve the decision-making process and boost the results.

BoardPaq logotype
Rating: 3.8

BoardPaq is an effective yet affordable virtual board management software. With this provider, you will get all the required features, even advanced ones, without overpaying for the product. BoardPaq is a perfect example that efficient and complex tools can be easy to use. All the numerous features are organized neatly in a straightforward and appealing interface. Thus, there is no need to go through any training to understand how to work with this board app. The most significant advantage of BoardPaq is the Agenda Builder that allows creating detailed plans for the upcoming meetings organizing all the issues in one place.

convene logotype
Rating: 3.7

Azeus Convene is the multi-awarded provider of board management software. It is trusted by businesses from different fields around the world. Azeus significantly simplifies the maintenance of the workflow of the board, providing directors with all the tools they need for productive interaction. Azeus divides the workflow into pre-meeting, meeting, and after-meeting stages. Thus, the software creates an outline for members of the board, easing the process for them. Now directors can just stick to the scheme and focus on solving the issues and tracking the progress instead of trying to figure out the way to manage their work.

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Rating: 3.5

Aprio offers board management software that is packed with all the needed features and comes at the affordable cost. Using this tool, directors can improve the results of the company by automating small processes within the board. With Aprio, executives can store and exchange documents and information, schedule events and hold virtual meetings, and keep track of the performance of teams. The most significant advantage of Aprio is the impeccable service. The support team is always available and is ready to step in and solve the issues for you. With this provider, you will never feel left alone.

OnBoard Logotype
Rating: 3.2

PassageWays Board Portal is a simple yet effective board management solution. This software offers users all the tools they need to maintain the streamlined workflow within the board of directors. PassageWays allows directors storing and exchanging corporate documents, plan meetings, and cooperate with each other. The main advantage of PassageWays is the ability to share different types of notes. Executives can exchange highlights, annotations, digital, and even handwritten notes. Such a unique feature accelerates the work with documents and allows directors to built steady communication. The notes instantly get synchronized across all the user devices. © All rights reserved 2020